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Introducing Vera’s new book:
Your Second Chapter

Using over ten years of counseling experience, she gives her readers a chance to change their stories.

Your Second Chapter guides the reader in writing their own second chapter by introducing structures for self-evaluation and some relevant how-to principles for getting unstuck.

If you’re looking to move from stuck to peace, purpose, and productivity, make sure to grab a copy TODAY!

Hey Friend,

Whether it’s abuse, abandonment, neglect, confusion, or some other past hurt, in Your Second Chapter, I will help you outline what stuck looks like, identify what holds you captive
, give you the tools needed to get unstuck and guide you in writing your second chapter with clarity.

I pray for your bravery. It takes courage and determination to get unstuck. Getting out of the cycle of destruction and living the linear life God has for you is worth it.

You are worth it. How do I know that? Because Jesus died to ensure a glorious second chapter for everyone.

I’m cheering for you, Brave One.

Let’s get started,


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What Others Are Saying

“Your Second Chapter takes you by the hand and leads you to a healthier and happier future. Vera Holloway has a gift for taking the topic of emotional health and making it easy to understand as she walks us through her framework step-by-step. This is the book that every woman needs to read.”

– Alli Worthington
NYT Bestselling Author & Business Coach

The mental health emergency our world is currently facing now has a great resource for help and healing. Vera has created a mental health guide that is both engaging and empowering. Whether experiencing a crisis yourself or supporting someone who has, I think you’ll find this book the most useful tool in the box.”

April Snook
Founder of JesusPeopleCo & @HowToDoLifeWithGod, Bridges Safehouse Board member

“Vera Holloway is going to change your life! Her compassion and heart will help you see the value in yourself as God intended you to be. A must-read!”
─Leah Silverii
NYT Bestselling Author and Vera’s friend