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Your Second Chapter:
From Stuck to Peace, Purpose & productivity

Hey, Y’all!

I’m Vera.

I’m a wife, mom of two, a licensed counselor, women’s ministry leader, and business owner. I live on a sweet little farm in the bayou country of south Louisiana. These roles are a wild ride at times and definitely call for me to wear many hats, but God, boundaries, and balance make it all possible. 

Let’s work together


Vera is a licensed professional counselor and holds certifications in meditation and Christian counseling.

She currently owns and operates a private practice, Holloway Counseling Services.  Her practice focuses on helping those with trauma, marriage and family, and relationship conflicts. 


Introducing Vera’s new book, Your Second Chapter.

From birth, chapter one is written for us by those that have control. For some, that chapter is good, right, and positive. Thus, those people have a good foundation for writing their second chapter.


Vera is a teacher at heart and the opportunity to teach & minister to people is something I continually pursue. 

Vera would love to speak at your event, workshop, or church gathering.

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