Hi, I’m Vera!

Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time working with women held back by shame, insecurities, brokenness, heartache, rejection, guilt, and unworthiness. During my doctoral study, I began to take a closer look at all these core issues women were experiencing.

Combining core women’s issues, my personal life experiences, and my clients’ experiences, I wrote a women’s curriculum titled, Beauty From Ashes: My Journey from Broken to Beautiful. In 2021, I completed transitioning my Beauty From Ashes curriculum to a book format so women from every part of the world can get their hands on a year of counseling for the price of a book! The name of the book is Your Second Chapter: Moving From Stuck to Peace, Purpose, and Productivity and is being released in February 2022.

I continue to provide counseling services to the local Bayou Region. My client schedule has limited appointment availability as I dedicate a large portion of time to writing, speaking, and other business endeavors. I am a teacher at heart and the opportunity to teach and minister to people is something I continually pursue.

Personally, I’m a wife, mom of two, a licensed counselor, women’s ministry leader, and business owner. I live on a sweet little farm in the bayou country of south Louisiana. These roles are a wild ride at times and definitely call for me to wear many hats, but God, boundaries, and balance make it all possible. 

XO, Vera

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