What is Beauty from Ashes….

Beauty from Ashes is a small group curriculum that was written by Vera Holloway and designed for all women. We all have a unique story, some parts we have shared, and some parts have never been told because of the pain involved. 

In Beauty from Ashes you will:

Gain new insight as to the reasons you often stay stuck.

Make peace with your past.

Discover God’s promises for your life.

Be activated to step into God’s purpose for your life. 

This curriculum has been designed to blend the Word of God and research-based principles of psychology together. The use of psychology in this curriculum is never to take away from the Word of God, but to show how God is our ultimate healer, deliverer, and physician of the mind! He is and will always be the greatest therapist to ever be written about. Vera shows how the two together can be a powerful resource for hurting women. 

God is faithful. He only needs willing vessels to share their story and dare to use it for God’s glory. He will truly trade your ashes for something beautiful! 


About your teacher….

Vera is a licensed professional counselor and has training in Christian counseling. During her doctorate study, this curriculum really began to come to life. It is through her years of counseling women who were victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, and difficult traumatic events that ultimately led her to completing this curriculum. After God, her client’s have become her greatest teacher and given her the desire to go deeper into the journey of healing. 


How it came to be….

In 2012, during a very difficult season in Vera’s life, God placed Isaiah 61 on her heart. At a time in which she felt so unqualified, broken, and fearful – God brought her to this passage of scripture. Vera read over this passage multiple times as God revealed to her this passage of scripture would be her ministry.  It would be years, before she would fully understand the power of that promise. Over the next 5 years, God began to reveal major areas in Vera’s life that needed healing. It is through her own story of brokenness and abandonment and the stories of so many women she has counseled that Beauty from Ashes was birthed. Through her own journey of healing, God placed a desire to help other women held back by shame, insecurities, brokenness, heartache, rejection, guilt and unworthiness. Maybe you have dealt with these such things and haven’t known where to even start. Vera wanted to create a place in which women could come, meet other women who share these same struggles, develop connection and fellowship, and share the Word of God and His forgiving power and miracle of salvation.

In 2017, Beauty from Ashes launched as a small group curriculum that was taught on a semester basis over 13 to 16 weeks. It was created to be a safe and confidential place for women of all different backgrounds to come together for one hour each week to hear the teaching and ministering of Vera and the other hour for small group connection and fellowship. 

Vera’s first small group took place in Houma, LA at her pastor friends church with less than 10 women and now has grown into a large ministry in which classes are taught on a semester basis, her book is in the making, and various churches have included this curriculum in their women’s small groups.  At the end of 2018, over 400 women from the bayou region of South Louisiana had completed Beauty from Ashes!  

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